Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animal Crackers

June 20, 2010. I’m headed off later this afternoon to Norfolk, Virginia, in the strange position of accompanying other people on their honeymoon. My excellent friends Brie and Michael Reeder were married yesterday, and have invited several of us up to share their vacation. I met Michael earlier this year when he stepped in one week before opening to play the sizeable role of “Phineas” in my first musical, Perseus in Suburbia – it is worth mentioning that he had never been on stage before, and completely knocked it out of the park. His lovely wife Brie ran lights for that show, and is an actress as well, whom I look forward to working with on future plays. Having never been to Norfolk, I am terrifically excited to go. Having tons of work to do, lines to learn, and no internet access up there is somewhat less exciting. (Thank goodness for cell phones and Twitter.)

First packet for my last semester of grad school (though I am considering a screenwriting extension for many reasons) is due Thursday, and I am nearly ready. I have almost finished revising Act 1 of Wake-Walking – it is strange to see it covered in shiny new dialogue, almost like watching your best friend on TV’s “What Not To Wear” – and I have a new ten-minute play to add into the mix. I have nearly finished reading Jill Dolan’s Utopia in Performance, and my thoughts toward the essay are mostly complete. Daily is the new key word, by the way; perhaps it will be edifying to puzzle out why.

I heard good things from two different people about the screening of “The Hickory Switch” – still peeved that I haven’t seen it. This irritation is almost completely mollified, however, by the fact that this came by FedEx yesterday:

Inside it was a violin. I immediately played a screechy “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” It was glorious. In my head, I looked like this:

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