Thursday, August 9, 2012

NY Fringe Trip, Day 1

Today is our tech day for THE 27 CLUB at the Kraine Theatre in NYC.  We have three hours to figure out how to transfer our lighting and sound plot over to a largely unfamiliar board, do a quick cue-to-cue, and then run the show so that the Fringe Festival organizers can time our show and make sure it’s right at 90 minutes.  It promises to be a fantastic mess, but it’ll also be the first time the whole cast is back together up here.

Speaking of the cast, Amanda and Daniel and I carpooled it up here yesterday.  The long day of driving from Greensboro to Brooklyn was broken up by a stop in Baltimore, MD for crabs.  The stop took us almost three hours.  Extravagant?  Maybe.  A senseless waste of time?  I don’t like your tone.  Delicious?  Absolutely.  I have had a love affair with steamed blue crabs for the entirety of my life.  My parents met when they were in secondary school in Maryland, and I was born in Ellicott City, right outside of Baltimore.  Most of my mother’s side of the family spent all of their lives in MD, and I always relished the trips up because of the promise of crab.  My grandfather in particular was a master crab steamer.  To date, my idea of a perfect afternoon involves a newspaper-covered table, several wooden mallets, a little corn and sausage, and bushel after bushel of steamed blue crabs.  I even don’t mind the paper-cut-sized wounds the little buggers give me in my haste, or the sting of Old Bay seasoning worming its way into the aforementioned wounds.  Over the course of conversation, it was pointed out to me by Daniel and Amanda, both of whom have worked with me on productions in the past, that crabs manage to scuttle their way into several of my plays.  (Notably WAKE-WALKING, which prominently features terrifying gigantic web-spinning crabs in Act 2.  You would think I was a man of infinite financial resources, but no – just a dumbass.)

In any case, we met Amanda’s lovely sister Katie and had a prolonged al fresco crab pickin’.

The rest of the drive was light and easy.  We got into Brooklyn around eight and met our liaison for the apartment we rented through (fantastic service that I had never heard of until recently), and relaxed for a bit.  The apartment is nice – it belongs to a married couple who are out of town for a month.  She’s a scientist and he’s a visual artist.  The entire apartment is covered with his artwork, which is beautiful, and his metal works, which are stunning (and which we have been informed that we cannot under any circumstances get wet.)  Then we took a walk down to the Bushwick Food Co-Op, which was a miserable failure, and then an open air grocery, which was a culinary triumph.  I bought ingredients for a lovely dinner and some staples for the next few days.  We hoofed it back home, and I made a nice farfalle pasta with sautéed eggplant, squash, onion, and zucchini, chicken sausage, diced tomato, and parmesan reggiano.  I was too hungry to take a picture.

Finally, after a failed trivia night meet up with my pal Eve Campbell, we decided to pop into a little place nearby called MILES and have – yes – another bite to eat.  We were semi-surprised to find our airbnb liaison in there as well.  Small borough.  We noshed on chorizo secco, some great slices of crusty bread, a beautiful mustard, and some gherkins – all for $5.  It might be worth mentioning that I am almost more excited about the food up here than the play itself – but ask me again in a few hours when we hit the stage.

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