Saturday, August 11, 2012

NY Fringe Trip, Day 3: Opening!

We open in 12 hours.  Fingernails are being bitten, shirt tails are being chewed, thumbs are being twirled and possibly sucked.  Nervous about performing, you ask?  Nope – it’s that 1) due to a miscommunication we don’t have anyone to run our box office tonight, and 2) we have to find a space in town to do a pre-show run with sound before we go on.  Sometimes, it’s the little things.  Nevertheless, we remain firmly committed to the idea that through hard work and determination, a magic fairy will come solve all our problems.

Yesterday was more low-key and business-minded and less “Lost in Oz.”  Amanda and I ventured into Manhattan at lunch to meet with my good pal Larry Brenner.  I went to grad school with Larry, and Amanda directed his short play “The Box” for the Greensboro Fringe Festival a couple of years ago.  After a couple of missteps (well, more than a couple: getting off at the Broadway-LaFayette stop, we headed in the wrong direction towards 4th Street and stubbornly kept going, intent on reaching 4th street by circling the globe if we had to), we met up with Larry and hiked to MacDougal Street in search of a nice bite to eat.

New York is a city of great food.  Possibly I am not the first person to state this.  You can virtually throw a rock in any direction and hit a delicious meal, and possibly an irate diner.  So you can imagine how elated I was to find, by sheer dumb luck, the absolute worst cheesesteak in all of Manhattan.  Amanda’s was covered in a sort of dun gravy that seemed to have been unevenly microwaved, so that each bite was alternately frozen and boiling.  But we suffered through the gummy bread and radioactive cheese because it was so wonderful to see Larry, who is truly one of my favorite people on the planet.

And we then we get back home to find Daniel raving ecstatically about this amazing cheesesteak he ate one block from the apartment.  What a dick.

The rest of the day was spent planning, thinking, napping, cooking, and reading (by the way, whoever lent me Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy With A (Somewhat) Happy Ending, I finished it and it was fantastic and I don’t wanna give it back ‘lest I haveta), and we made it an early night because …

We open tonight!  If you’re in NYC, come to The Kraine Theatre at 8:15!  Not only is there brilliant acting (Pat, Colleen, Daniel, and Brittany) and music (Clay), there’s also me being forced to say my own miserable, pretentious words!  What could be better?

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